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a neighborhood rattled by a rise in gang activity see -- sees a man shot right outside his car. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. debra villalon is live where she talked to some worried neighbors, debora.
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>> reporter: menlo park police are stepping up patrol in the city's bell haven area. that after the man was ambushed at his car. today a candle marks a spot where a 42-year-old man died. the corner identified him as cory cudler. friends call him hollywood. >> hollywood was already deaden o deaden -- hollywood was already dead on the ground. >> he was tapping me, saying goodbye to me. i heard an argument then gunshots like one or two. >> reporter: with cutlet dying on the street his wife ran from the car to the house pounding on the door for help as residents ran inside for help. >> i believe her purse may have been taken from her. >> reporter: a random robbery or targeted hit? police aren't sure but the two suspects sprinted away from the
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scene. november began with a spray of gunfire on the same street. wounding four people. and a week ago around the corner, two homes were riddled with bullets. these incidents gang related police say. >> we don't have gangs here in menlo park. >> reporter: it's a reality many residents are reluctant to face. >> i've been here since 1964 and never locked my door. not ever. >> reporter: now violence is at their doorsteps. and parents have to explain bloodstained streets and candles. >> all these shootings it's very sad. >> reporter: now the gang most entrenched in this area goes by
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the name of talibeth. but police are not saying if the victim is gang related. police released this mug shot of 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks. he was arrested friday after police say -- say he and another man opened fire on an officer. wilbanks and another suspect committed four armed robberies earlier in the evening. one of those robberies happened in a 7/11 parking lot. police are now offering a reward nor information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the second suspect. one year ago today a danville family received the devastating news that its
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marine son had been killed in afghanistan. jade hernandez attended that memorial. >> reporter: today marks one year since his death. earlier a few hours ago the family gathered up their memories and met here for comfort. renis and bill rankus arrived early picking the perfect spot for their floors. >> josh gave up and i know this community will not forget that. >> reporter: this is their grandson's memorial. bill showed us what he wears around his neck. his youth unmistakable. one year ago today josh learned a roadside bomb ended tonight. tonight people gathered in front of veteran's memorial hall. they remembered the marine's
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life and how he changed theirs. >> ♪ >> reporter: with a hand over her heart and eyed crossed, denise remembers the loss of others. >> the lives lost in this community are priceless. >> we weren't sure if we wanted to have something because we didn't know that the day would bring us as far as emotions but more and more people were asking and it seemed like they wanted to come together. >> reporter: remembers their son in such a public way helps the foundation started in honor of josh's death. as the group grows the support hasn't waiverred. >> the response in the town was amazed and it hasn't waiverred
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a built. >> reporter: primo's donated 10% of their proceeds for anyone who came in and mentioned josh's foundation. the service at evergreen cemetery recalled america's worse mass suicide. coleader jones abandoned the temple to bring his followers to gayana. he ordered his followers to drink cyanide laced kool-aid. a minister says it's important to remember the youngest victims. >> every single person counts but children matter twice. because they evoke our present joy and they also determine our future. >> reporter: as part of the service, mourners covered up the part of the ceremony
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memorial that reveals jones's name. a coguard spokesman says a fisherman spotted a man's body at 7:30 a.m. near the golden gate bridge and notified authorities. the man was not wearing a life vest. the man has not been identified, the death is under investigation. san francisco firefighters are also investigateing the cause of a house fire in the richmond district. the house fire broke out at a home at about 2:00 p.m. one person was inside the house but managed to get out safely. the house though suffered severe damage. witnesses on the scene say that the flames actual wily spread to two adjacent homes but it's unclear if they were significantly damaged. the accident happened about 2:00 a.m. on fourth street and broadway. the officers say the driver of a green sedan was passing two
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cars when it crashed into a tree. two separate shootings in oakland last night sent three people to the hospital. the first happened around 9:00 p.m. on haven's court. they're expected to be okay. about a half hour later another victim arrived at a local hospital with a gunshot wound. police say they're not yet where that shooting occurred. police are looking into whether two drive by shootings are related. a woman was sent to the hospital after being shot on wendy street and taper avenue. now about an hour earlier, police say another drive by shooting happened on mark avenue near jana street. nobody was hurt in that shooting. anyone with information though is being asked to call police. shedding your clothes on san francisco streets may soon be illegal. city supervisors will vote on a proposed ordnance to ban feudty. last friday a group of nudists
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filed a lawsuit against the proposal. scott weaner is pushing for the ban saying there have been too many complaints. the only exceptions will be for permitted street fairs and parades. a sub committee is expected to looking into whether muni should continue to provide a service that provides service to low income children. christien kafton tells us that this year those driving have reason to be thankful. >> reporter: fliers in and out of oakland international airport today said it was smooth sailing enjoying the
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preverbial calm before the storm. the day after thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. plenty of travelers today said they wanted to beat the rush. >> i am, i am. i've taken the whole week off. >> reporter: experienced fliers says hitting the road early. >> i flew out for christmas a couple of years ago and it was such a nightmare. this is easy i can't believe it. >> reporter: people who are driving this holiday week definitely have something to be thankful for. lower gas prices. according to gas, prices a month ago hovered above the $4.50 mark. drivers who plan on driving this holiday weekend say lower prices will make those plans a little easier to pay for. >> well our son lives in the city and we live up in redding, so we're going to make our trip down here to visit with him and possibly in christmas time too.
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>> others say they plan on hosting the holiday get together to avoid high gas prices and the hassles of traveling. >> we'll be able to save a lot of money on gas and traveling yeah. >> reporter: over all aaa california estimates 5.4 million californians will travel one way or another this holiday week. christien kafton, channel 2 news. in san francisco's union square today some shoppers were out ahead of the traditional black friday sales saying they may miss the discounts but they also missed the crowds. >> with the time and everything we saveed the time and that's very important to me and that's what it is. >> reporter: retailers say they are encouraged this year that there are 33 days between thanksgiving and christmas which is three more than last year giving consumers a little extra time to shop. even so the national retail federation is expecting a modest increase over last year.
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two days, two carports up in flames and this latest fire in oakland destroys much more than the family car. thousands of parolees were at large may soon get a pass in a ktvu special report. the change that's about to take place that would release 10,000 parolees from state supervision. >> and st. anthony's is once again offering curb [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers.
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an east bay family has received a devastating blow just days before the holidays. >> reporter: for the second straight morning, firefighters tame flames in a carport. it destroyed two cars and a motorcycle. >> they were basically licking our house. you can hear the explosion, see the fire. all you could see was the fire. >> reporter: deandre did not have time to think about his home or cars. all he could think about was bringing his wife and children to safety. >> i cannot imagine what i'm going through near the holidays, my family. it's teren. -- it's terrible. >> reporter: this car was the family's only transportation. and the stuff that was inside that unit was just as
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important. >> i don't even know what to do with it. this is their first baby clothes. i put this on them when they were in the hospital to come home and now it's all ruined. >> reporter: also ruined the kids's clothes, their stroller and all their clothes. >> i kind of counted my blessings and thank god it wasn't the apartment, thank god me and my babies got out. >> reporter: at this point, firefighters don't think the fire is connected to the suspicious car fire last night. the cause of today's fire remains under investigation. in oakland, loranne blanco. there are reports of investigation for wrong doing by some nurses. according to the monterey harold, investigators are looking into unwarranted overtime pay by one nurse and the diversion of prescription drugs intended for inmates by
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two other nurses. nurses are also accused of falsifying records to cover up the missing drugs. the department is taking quote, appropriate action. now to our continuing coverage of the fiscal cliff. tonight a major hurdle remains for congressional leaders to reach an agreement and that is woo should pay more taxes -- and that is who should pay more taxes. the tax rates president obama wants does not solve the problem say the opponents. >> we take the president's deal that he has brought to the table. do you know how many days that pays for the federal government? not eight days, not eight months, eight dayless. house minority leader nancy pelosi anticipates an agreement by mid-december but she says democrats will not accept the plan that fails to include a tax hike for the wealthy. an environmental justice
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group claims that cancer causing dust from the chevron refinery in richmond is linger. five samples contained high levels of carcinogens. a public hearing on pollution control improvements at the refinery is set for tomorrow morning in san francisco. the head of a houston based energy company who's oil platform in the gulf of mexico exploded last week today spoke publicly about the two workers killed in that blast. the explosion happened friday at a black elk energy platform. 11 people were injured. four seriously. two workers jumped from the burning rig in the water. one of the bodies was located yesterday. >> i'm deeply saddened to say that we have identified one
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body under the platform. that body has not been recovered yet. we're working in coordination with the u.s. coast guard so that we can respectfully and most efficiently recover the body. >> that ceo today vowed to continue severalling for the second -- continue searching for the second worker's body. larksburg native laporte- oshiro is receiving a scholarship to oxford. ktvu's ken pritchett reports this year there's a new
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twist. referee: - - >> this year the cones have moved from the left to right. but not everything has changed. the turkey counter reu mains. >> everything is smaller, we have no storage -- the turkey counter remains. >> everything is smaller, we have no storage. >> reporter: what's donated curb side now goes into a cold storage truck for delivery. >> the hilton hotel has been very generous to letting us use their freezer and storage. >> reporter: it's an arrangements that worked this year and next year as well. the new modern spacious dining hall won't be complete until 2014 with still some fund raising still to do. >> we're about 87% of the way. so we have a $22 million
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project we have about 2.8 left to go. >> reporter: st. anthony's goal is 1,000 turkeys. as of this afternoon they were about 20% of the way there. ken pritchett, ktvu. the fighting intensifies between israel and islamic militants. the victim planned for this week in an effort to try to stop the violence in gaza. >> extreme weather caught on wh photographer saw this very large waterspout. >> few light showers showing up on live [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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israel continues to carry out air strikes against gaza tonight. sirens alerted pelestinians in the area and no injuries were reported from this attack. but earlier in the day a missile hit a home killing women and children. it was the fifth and worse day of violence so far between israel and gaza. david lee miller reports that a scramble is on to get peace talks going. >> reporter: there have been over 700 rockets fired into israel. the american finance iron dome stopping several missells sunday, at least two bound for telaviv. all along the border, there are platoons waiting for the order. israel is ready to expand its operation. while on a three day asian tour, speaking from bangkok,
11:56 pm
president obama spoke about the right for people to defend themselves but warned. >> they are much more at risk of being wounded. >> reporter: there are 10,000 rockets still in gaza. on fox news sunday, two senators weighing in from washington. >> i don't think the israelis really want a ground war. if sending ground troops in is the only way of cleaning out these nests of rockets being fired at them. you can't blame them for doing it. >> reporter: u.n. secretary moon is expected to arrive in cairo on sunday. and a delegation of arab ministers is expected to visit gaza on tuesday all in a bid to end the conflict before more lives are lost. along the israel-gaza border, david lee miller. anderson cooper was caught off guard while reporting in
11:57 pm
the middle east. >> two media centers built -- woe. that was a rather large explosion. cooper quickly regained his composure and continued his reporting. in other news of the world tonight, in mexico the search is now on for the person responsible for killing a former mayor of a western mexican town who survived two earlier attempts on her life. the body of maria santos salazar was found last week. she served as mayor of the town in the town of michoacan. an assassination attempt in 2009 left her wounded and killed her husband. in cairo, the new head of egypt's christian church was installed during a four hour
11:58 pm
ceremony. the installation of the coptics pope took about two hours. in australian, two hours take a look an amateur photographer captured these images of a very large waterspout. while the spout did not cause any damage. as you see here severe thunderstorms in the area brought lightning and hail damaging home there is on the shore. president obama is making history during his tour of asian with a controversial visit of myanmar. this is the first time a u.s. president has gone to myanmar. he explained he wants to encourage democracy in what was a regime. >> this is an acknowledgment that there's a process under way in that country that even a
11:59 pm
year and half, two years ago nobody forsought. >> president obama will meet with chi. we want to take you back now to burma this is in yangon myanmar. president obama is expected to enter that building any home. they gather there as he makes his historic visit in that country. in tonight's special report we take a closer look at this controversial plan and hear from some of those who say it's a more cost effective way to fight crime. >> i apologize to them as well, i'm embarrassed for them because they live and die as a raider fan. i feel for them. raiders owner mark davis makes a rare apology. why he says she's embarrassed
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coming up in sports wrap. >> remember you can get ktvu news to go right on your cell phone. just download the ktvu app, click
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in tonight's special report. thousands of parolees may soon get a pass. in an effort to release prison overcrowding in california prisons the state is looking to drop warrants for some parolees. ktvu's john sasaki obtained a memo for what some are calling a get out of jail free card. some parol offenders are about to have a very bad day. these men are members of the
12:03 am
aprehe apprehension and they go after some very dangerous people. it's going to get more sparse soon. on this day we rolled along as they took parolees to custody. two sex offenders they could see was violating -- but right now the state is considering discharging 10,000 parolees at large from state parol. they will always pursue nonserious sex offenders that will be left on the streets.
12:04 am
for now be that will change too. >> for anyone who has committed a crime but others who have committed violent crimes, then the question is what are the issues. often a more efficient way to deal with offenders who have committed lower level offenses. >> it's irresponsible on the state's part to make such a decision that would have impact locally on our violent crime. >> oakland police chief howard jordan is concerned about the change who says his city is already dealing with 250,000 at large warrant offenders. >> the majority of victims have been involved in violent
12:05 am
crimes. you're allowing them to wipe their slate clean. >> reporter: and lower levels parolees are just the beginning. this internal department of corrections memo shows in the second and third phases the parol of violent criminals will also be removed. >> by just removing the warrant and not holding them accountable sends the message if you're under the state supervision nothing is going to happen to you. >> reporter: nancy o'malley says many das oppose this plan. >> so simply ignore that they have ignored all the rules doesn't make sense. >> reporter: leno says this is about fighting crime in a more cost effective day. >> wouldn't it make sense that if they are a low level offenders of many many years ago that they have a clean record that we get them off our list so we can really focus on those who could potentially be
12:06 am
a risk to public safety. >> reporter: public safety is indeed what hangs in the balance. in oakland, i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. lafayette police are warning people to be aware of people calling up asking for money for a relative stranded in peru. a caller asks the resident for money for bail and or air fare. they say the money must be wired via western union to lim ark. - - to lima. port of oakland workers are preparing for a 24 hour strike this week. the union sciu local 1021 says its members plan to protest at the port and in front of terminal one at the airport on tuesday. the port is demanding pay cuts despite having a surplus and that it's lying about port finances to the workers and the public. the workers have been without a contract now for more than a year.
12:07 am
a meeting this week in san rafael will determine the future of a minor league baseball team the pacifics. >> and get out
12:08 am
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sierra ski resorts are off to an early start this season and looking forward to a white thanksgiving. skiers and snow boarders were checking out the slopes this weekend. that could help resorts kick into full operations. sugar bowl is closing for the next few days but reopening on thanksgiving. here's a map showing the tahoe ski resorts that are open and
12:10 am
getting ready to open. boreal, north star, squaw valley, heavenly and kickwood are all open. as we mentioned sugar bowl is reopened on thursday for thanksgiving. sierra tahoe will also be open on thanksgiving. boy really looking forward to getting up there and skiing or snow boarding whatever you like to do. let's check in with mark tamayo to type out just -- to find out just how much snow fell in those areas somewhere -z the weather -- in those areas. >> the weather changing in those areas. look at tahoe city 9-inches and out toward donor -- donner with the snow report at 6:00 this morning. you can see the satellite loop over the past few hours you will notice quite a bit of cloud cover moving into the region. a little bit of shower
12:11 am
activity. a lot of this not reaching the ground, but santa rosa reporting some light rain. we could have some mist and drizzle. even a few sprinkles in parts of the north bay. especially with that darking shade of green out in the san rafael area heading out into the bay. in the short term the possibility of a few sprinkles or few light showers. rainfall totals over the past three days very impressive. look at santa rosa and san rafael with 2-inches. overnight lows will be in the 40s. lots of cloud cover to start out the day and temperatures as you can see, napa 42, liver mother starting out the day at 41 degrees. here's the over all weather set up. we have an area of low pressure to our north and west. a lot of moisture moving into the northern portions of the state. primarily to the north of the bay area. so for tomorrow, some high clouds, the chance of a few sprinkles. primarily focused up in the
12:12 am
north bay. and this front begins to slide to the front a bit. the chance of a shower but the rain does pick up late tuesday evening and lasting right into wednesday morning. wednesday is a very busy travel day. we are going to be on the look out for that. we take you to wednesday, the chance of rain and snow, so keep that in mind on wednesday. scattered clouds on thursday for thanksgiving and friday just partly cloudy conditions. here's our forecast model showing us a chance of a few sprinkles early on tonight. the chance of a few sprinkles up in the north bay. we'll go ahead and expand the view and we'll take this into tuesday. you notice we do bring a chance of a few showers. mainly north of the bay. here we go early wednesday morning and the chance of still a few lingering showers wednesday. the clouds begin to break up during the afternoon. forecast highs mainly in the upper 50s to the low to mid-
12:13 am
60s. san jose 65, san mateo 63. monday night football at candle stick lots of cloud cover there and temperatures in the upper 50s for kick off. the five day forecast with your weekend always in view. there's a look of a shower tuesday. busy travel day wednesday. then just a sun-cloud mix. does look dry for thursday. a good news for thanksgiving. >> thank you, mark. >> thank, mark. tomorrow night the san rafael city council will consider a new agreement with the city's new independent minor league baseball team. the san rafael pacifics played 42 games at albert park during the first season and raised money. noise levels as well as jaywalking along anderson drive will be looked at. it will also last three years instead of just one year. coming up you have to hear wh
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rethink possible. i apologized to them as well. good evening everyone and welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. we keep waiting for a glimpse of something positive to get from the raiders these days. it's become so bad that the team's owner today actually issued an on camera apology. here's what he's apologizing for. the new orleans saints jumped to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. it's already 7-0 when things got worse in a hurry. jenkins won't be stopping until he goes 15 yards in the end zone. 14-0 saints. palmer rolls up this time he finds a guy in the end zone wearing a black jersey. brandon myers it was 14-7 with
12:17 am
four minutes left in the half. that was plenty of time for the saints to get on the board again. breas steps away from trouble. then fires to the end zone for lance moore. the 38-yard play allows the saints to go into the locker room with a lead. then if there was any doubt the saints quickly set the tone for the second half on their very first play from scrimmage. mark ingram found the edge. the raiders never got close the rest of the way. 38-17 the final. the raiders fall to 3-7 and it should be interesting next week when palmer returns to cincinnati for a tough road game. fred inglis has more including a candid moment by the owner. >> reporter: it was an emotional raider locker room as offensive players, defensive player and even mark davis understands the raider nation is not very happy. >> i apologize to them as well. i'm embarrassed for them because they live and die as a
12:18 am
raider fan and i feel for them. i really do. we're going to get it right if for anybody it's for them. >> you heard the boos. >> i didn't hear the boos, no. >> well my point is -- >> but i can feel how they feel because i feel the same way, i'm a fan. and i take responsibility for it and i'm going to get it right. >> you want to win now, really bad. i'm doing my best not to cry on camera but you know, it hurts man when you don't win. >> stats are really relevant when you don't get the w. the bottom line is, if you don't win the stats are irrelevant, i don't care what they were. >> reporter: so it's on to cincinnati with palmer and it's also a game where the raiders hope to break their losing streak. fred inglis for sports wrap.
12:19 am
jay cutler is out, alex smith is expected to play but as of yet no financial word. the lions led 10-7 in the third quarter. matthew stafford's pass goes to jennings. jennings doesn't stop until he goes goes 72 yards all the way to the end zone. still 20-14 with less than two minutes less. rogers fires in the end zone where cobb between two defenders. josh freeman finds vincent jackson in the end zone. the bucks then got a two point conversion and they headed to overtime. in ot freeman threw to dallas clark. they escape with the win at 6-
12:20 am
4. tampa right in the middle of the nfc play off picture. fear among those who wondered if peyton manning had anything less in the tank after a year off. he's providing evidence. broncos 30-23 winners at 7-3. denver solidly in control of the afc west. the newly acquired talib made his start for new england. talib gave his teammates the time to make the pass. this right after the patriots had returned a punt for a touchdown. they go on to win in a rout 59- 24. the injured ben roethlisberger spares the indignity of the second showing
12:21 am
of the bumblebee jerseys. the would be tacklers go to the end zone. the ravens win 13-10 and approves 8-2. gary kubiak in danger of winning for the second time this year. blackman bounces off and turns it on in the open field. that's an 81 kwrarld -- 81- yard play and the jags get the play. after both teams had kicked field goals in ot, houston punted away on this touchdown pass from schaub to johnson. houston wins a wild one. the texans tied for the best report in football at 9-1. the bengal even their record at 5-5 after taking care of kansas city. the cardinals have now lost six in a row. the latest to atlanta. 49ers might be wondering what happened to last week's rams
12:22 am
who were handled at home today by the jets. the cowboys needed overtime to down cleveland. philly dismal after going down. >> warriors close for about a quarter and a half. barnes in the lane for two of his 12. the thunder got it going before the half. they ran the floor here. russell westbrook postrising curry. the warriors didn't make a serious run in the second half. westbrook takes the ball from durant. something left over from halloween. the cardinals hosted belmont which is a liberal arts school
12:23 am
in nashville. to jenkins for the hoop. cardinals down eight at the half. stanford would take the lead mid-way through the second half. then the bruins took over. karen johnson will go into the lane to extend the lead to six. belmont wins 70-62 handing stanford its first loss in four games. all to tonight's st. mary's unbeaten in four games hosting eastern washington and winning by 19. still to come on this late night edition of sports wrap, the stanford cardinals find themselves [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email
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right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. it all began with the
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daytona 500. nascar has its champion. they're racing for this and a lot of money too. five time winner jimmy johnson came in trailing. johnson was sited for driving off one lug nut short. that's not good for the race. keselowski wins the championship by 39 points over bowyer. it's the first time win for keselowski and penske. the traditional formula one start and the u.s. grand prix is under way. veder gets to the front and safely making his move before the first turn.
12:28 am
3/4 of the way through, hamilton passed vetel and took the lead. it was vetel who won the last grand prix race. vetel was second and continues to lead in over all points. the aftermath of yesterday's incredible results in college football are reflected in today's new polls. stanford was one of the teams responsible for the shake up at the top. oregon one of the toughest venues in college football trailing 13-7 with a minute and a half to play. stanford tieed the game. zack ertz outmuscled his defender in what was ruled a touchdown. stanford wins 17-14 and with a win next week at ucla would win the pac12's northern division. the reward for that would be a game for the league
12:29 am
championship the following week with ucla. country's new number one team noter dame, poll holed by alabama, georgia, florida and oregon which falls to five. and stanford which is now number eight in the bcs. texas a & m and florida state round up the top 10. that will do it for this late sunday night sports wrap. 49ers and bears tomorrow night at candle stick. have a good week everybody. >> do you expect alex smith to be there. >> that seems to be the consensus that he did have to go through some concussion protocall as a result of what happened. he is expected to be the starter, jay cutler out for the bears. >> thank you. >> sure. that is our report for tonight. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> for more on that recent deadly crime spree we told you about in san francisco and its connection to a man now under arrest. and

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